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Coat the lens in Mod Podge, lay the fabric down, and coat the back of the fabric to saturate it: I also cut out this picture from my old Woman's Day magazine. I also chose an embroidered S and a picket fence: Then I let those dry and went to pick up Sage at kindergarten.

On the way home I stopped by the American Way in Burbank and bought these ugly glasses: And turned the lenses into a dancing couple, a lemon, a shirt and a strawberry.

Their mission from the diocese then was to build a church, so it was harder to pastor people when that was their mission. The boys’ Coach Cesar Faz is like the Prodigal Son.

Did you know about the story growing up and talk a little bit about your faith life? So they knew how to pray, how to show reverence for what we were doing and for me the priest (laughs).

Armstrong: Cheech: Yeah, I always found Mexican priests to be much more spiritual, concerned more with the soul.

Then I searched around my studio for images that would fit inside them.

Then I cut out the fabric (make sure to leave room around the edges - you can trim it later).

Armstrong: Cheech: You know I grew up Catholic; I was an altar boy and a choir member. For instance, prejudice was unknown to them in their country of Mexico.

So when they get to the United States and realize that there are people in that era that treated people of color differently, they rely on their faith to get them through that.

These boys from a poor town must depend on the kindness of strangers — and even the State Department when expired visas threaten to force them back to Mexico.

In this story baseball becomes much more than just a game – it become the opening for deep abiding faith in God and human nature.

Popular movies are often the ones with the most marketing.

But perhaps, this story about the underdog beating all odds, will do so in more ways than one. It tells the story about a time in our history when you couldn’t get a hotel room or a meal or sit on a bus or go to the bathroom in the South unless you were white.

An engaging and touching movie such as this, about a story that actually took place, is raised above mere entertainment to pure inspiration.

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