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Earn tons of prizes in the Gear Store, including the Oni Mk II, Scorpion, Vanquisher, Elite Vanquisher, Hover Tank, and Elite Hover Tank, and Hellstorm!Commanders, Introducing the "Hide UI" button - clicking this button or pressing the "H" key on the keyboard hides all but the most essential parts of the UI, giving expert players more space to command and control their forces. Commander, Introducing Specialized Platforms - a chance to customize your defensive Turrets to meet your killing specifications!

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producer Harvard Bonin talking with people at the show in Seattle after they got hands-on with Starhawk! And we want the team here at Light Box Interactive to have that close communication with our Warhawk fans!

Not only was it great to see people loving Starhawk at PAX, the team and I love seeing coverage and buzz about the game start to pick up speed. Even as I write this blog post I’m still blown away that SCEA has approved this!

Boy, do I have some exciting news to share with all of our Warhawk fans today, but first, let me serve you all some delicious hors d’oeuvres de internets! Normally before a team releases a Public Beta for a game, the dev team goes through a phase known as the closed beta or “Private Beta.” This is when the dev team works very closely with a small group of colleagues from the publisher, quality assurance (QA) team, or very close friends to make sure things are solid, the gameplay is tuned, big bugs are squashed, etc.

We were so happy with the response to Starhawk at PAX that the SCEA marketing machine leveled-up, cast Videozzaga and summoned a quick video of our Santa Monica sr. It’s all about a tight feedback loop and close interaction with the developer.

Head to your Defense Lab and bolster your defenses now.

Attention, Ion weapons deplete shields at a more rapid rate.

Allow your units to apply Shock or Cryo during attacks, grant Vanquisher Shields to all Widowmaker type units, or even add two additional Elite Titans to your attacks!

Commander, The Peacekeeper, Deadeye, and Shock Missile can be leveled up one more powerful level! Don’t underestimate the power of these doomsday devices. Use the Peacekeeper to deal big damage to a wide area, the Deadeye for picking off particular problem targets, and the Shock for disabling Turrets and Vehicles in a large area.

Build the Airborne Platform, which cannot be targeted by ground-only weapons, and the Reinforced Platform, which stops all splash damage dead in its tracks.

Commander, Attack new Verkraft Thorium Compounds for instantaneous Thorium payouts.

And with our announcement last week that early access keys for the Starhawk Public Beta will be included in Uncharted 3, well… It was great to read all the comments, tweets and Facebook posts from players who are just now getting introduced to Starhawk’s gameplay and universe and the Light Box Interactive team and I can’t wait to see all of you online in early 2012! Ok, let’s break it down: We’re going to be starting the Private Beta in November and we’ll be sending a bunch of our Warhawk players (European players too!!

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