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The officer taking two men with him, went to the house, and after knocking at the door and making his business known, entered the house and arrested John and Benjamin F.Brown, who were in bed, no opposition of any kind being made.

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The Provost Marshal of the District, being informed of the condition of affairs in the county, visited it, and, by his direction, a small force of cavalry (61 in number) and one 6 pounder were ordered into the county for the purpose, and no other, of enforcing the enrollment of Isabel township, and for the arrest of deserters, and other individuals against whom legal process had been issued.

This force arrived and encamped at Duncan’s mills, five miles south of Lewistown, on the 13th inst.

Upon a demand to deliver up their weapons and surrender, all complied, except Aaron Bechelhimer and John Alexander, including James Lane, who first drew a revolver and afterwards surrendered.

Bechelhimer and Alexander were in a backroom, and, as the soldiers approached, Bechelhimer offering resistance, was caught by a soldier and thrown out of a window, when he was instantly arrested by another soldier.

Alexander, in the meantime, who had been ordered several times to surrender, attempted to draw a revolver, and was standing with one hand upon the collar of his coat, and the other in the act of drawing his weapon, when he was shot in the left breast by a soldier, and the revolver taken from him. Lane were arrested, the latter of whom escaped, also Aaron Bechelhimer and Marshal Athey, two deserters, and John Lane, who was afterwards released by the Provost Marshal.

The third squad, composed of ten men, had gone to John Graham’s on a like errand, (to arrest deserters,) and also to arrest Graham, against whom charges had been preferred before the proper tribunal.The related phenomenon of shear wave splitting occurs to some degree in all of the lithologies studied and at high pressures originates from mineral orientation.Splitting, due to preferred mineral orientation, is most prominent in the shales, but also is significant in some of the carbonates. Using average data for each lithologic group to calculate normal-incidence reflection coefficients, significant differences in the shear and compressional reflectivity of hypothetical interfaces are found.These two prisoners were put in charge of two soldiers and sent to camp, while the officer, with the remainder of his men, joined those who were at John Lane’s.Here eight of the company were detailed to surround the house and barn of Mr. The officer then knocked at the door, made his business known and demanded admittance, which being refused, five minutes were given in which to comply, at the expiration of which, no compliance being made, the door was forced in, and three soldiers entered the house. Two double-barreled shot guns, one rifle, three revolvers, one double-barreled pistol, all loaded, and one bowie knife, were also found in the house.The physical properties of a sequence of Paleozoic sedimentary rocks have been examined in detail, with an emphasis on laboratory measurements of density, shear wave velocity, shear wave splitting, and ratios.

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