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by Rebecca Judd in Archives arms pve, Arms warrior basics 4.0, arms warrior glyphs, arms warrior rotation, gemming an arms warrior in patch 4.0, how to play a warrior in patch 4.0, patch 4.0.1, stats for arms warrior, warrior So you’re a master of arms. But you woke up one morning and everything had changed.

How do you use all the abilities you had mastered as an Arms warrior now? Well, relax that furrowed brow and stop waving the oversized blunt/sharp/stabby weapon. Relax, read our basic guide for playing Arms warriors in patch 4.1, and you’ll soon be back to looking the coolest soldier out there. Then sign up to get email updates when it’s updated! Alternatively, do you want to read cool stuff about Wo W daily?

The thing is that fears, as a rule, break on damage.

It would have to be changed to a horror effect or have some sort of stun attached to it - but again, if you want a stun like arms or prot, got arms or prot.

Although I think he implying if other classes can glyph to avoid their own damage breaking their CCs or whatever, why can't warriors?

Warlocks can't glyph their fear to not be broken by their own damage (at least afaik, i havent looked into it). A change that should have happened a long time ago.

OP" It could easily be made that the first target gets the full duration, the others get a regular effect Considering the mechanic is already main target gets held in place, all other targets scatter.

Blizzard gave each spec the tools that they currently have precisely to place an emphasis on their role. If you want ludicrous burst (until you get dispelled) fury is for you.

Was thinking of ways to hlp improve Fury Pvp and Pv E wise, and i would like to toss out the concept of Fury using an improved version of intimidating shout which fears the target for 5 seconds.

(Can be broken by trinket) this would give Fury the ability to have a CC ability."Ao E Fear for 5 seconds?

It's a pretty significant poblem one of our strongest tools.

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