Dating someone with a speech impediment

and Carissa Jones (Parents) Source: Jury deliberations begin in case of couple charged with neglecting daughter’s infection that led to her death * (Died February 19, 2013, Age 18) Cause of death: Neglect Location: Peoria, Illinois, USA Disability: Developmental disability Perpetrator: Darnell Hunter Sr.

(Father) Source: Darnell Hunter sentenced to 12 years for fatally neglecting his impaired son * (Died February 19, 2013, Age 76) Cause of death: Murder (Stabbed) Location: Richland, Pennsylvania, USA Disability: Dementia Perpetrator: Levi Staver (Grandson) Source: Richland man gets 10 to 20 years for fatally stabbing grandmother (Died February 25, 2013, Age 50) Cause of death: Murder (Beaten) Location: Gulfport, Mississippi, USA Disability: Neurological damage from being hit by a train Perpetrator: Johnny Owens III Source: Mistrial declared in beating death of man with special needs (Died March 2, 2013, Age 19) Cause of death: Murder (Stabbed) Location: Harlem, New York, USA Disability: Deaf Perpetrator: Bismark Lithgow (Boyfriend; also deaf) Source: Harlem man arrested for brutal stabbing of deaf teen girlfriend * (Died March 2, 2013, Age 47) Cause of death: Murder (Beating) Location: Covington, Georgia, USA Disability: Developmental disability Perpetrator: Cornelius Richardson-Bethea (Caregiver) Source: Caregiver arrested for allegedly beating mental health patient to death * (Died March 4, 2013, Age 19) Cause of death: Medical neglect (Flu, infection) Location: Lockport, New York, USA Disability: Developmental disability Perpetrator: Joy and John Dziomba (Adoptive parents) Source: Guardian appointed for brothers of disabled Lockport man who died in March * (Died March 7, 2013, Age 36) Cause of death: Murder (Strangulation, exposure) Location: Denning, New York, USA Disability: Multiple sclerosis Perpetrator: Gerald Babcock (Fiance) Source: Appeals court upholds Denning resident’s manslaughter conviction in death of his fiancée (Died March 10, 2013, Age 20) Cause of death: Murder (Shooting) Location: Decatur, Illinois, USA Disability: ADHD Perpetrator: James J.

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) Location: Sheung Shi, Hong Kong, China Disability: Down syndrome Perpetrator: Wong Pu-lin (Mother) and Ngan Tin-hung (Mother’s boyfriend) Source: Disabled boy died after mother and boyfriend smoked Ice while feeding him milk, Hong Kong inquest hears * (Died March 25, 2013, Age 48) Cause of death: Murder (Ventilator disconnected) Location: Solvang, California, USA Disability: ALS Perpetrator: Marjorie Good (Mother); Wanda Nelson (Nurse) Source: 2 Women Charged with Killing Solvang ALS Patient (Died March 27, 2013, Age 49) Cause of death: Murder (Stabbed, thrown off building; during attempt to steal her benefits card) Location: Bronx, New York City, New York, USA Disability: Blind Perpetrator: Duvale Stevens (“Friend”) Source: Man Sentenced to 25 Years for Killing Blind Woman, Throwing Her Off Roof * (Died April 1, 2013, Age 23 months) Cause of death: Abuse (Shaking) Location: Stoney Stanton, England, UK Disability: Developmental delay; suspected autism Perpetrator: Wendy Hardy (Foster mother) Source: Foster mother jailed for killing toddler by violently shaking him (Died April 1, 2013, Age 54) Cause of death: Murder (Robbery; beating) Location: Franklin Township, New Jersey, USA Disability: Unspecified; from auto accident Perpetrator: Jon Nordberg, Valerie Niessner, Amanda Rickerd, and David Buss Source: Man Admits to Tying Up, Beating Disabled Acquaintance to Death * (Died April 1, 2013, Age 26) Cause of death: Neglect; medical neglect Location: Lakeland, Florida, USA Disability: Developmental disability, epilepsy Perpetrator: Janet Wade Stevens (Mother) Source: Lakeland Woman Jailed in Death of Her Disabled Son (Died April 3, 2013, Age 36) Cause of death: Stabbed and strangled Location: Volusia County, Florida, USA Disability: Unspecified Perpetrator: Angela Stoldt (James’s neighbor and Social Security payee) Source: Angela STOLDT !

(Died April 4, 2013, Age 41) Cause of death: Neglect (Insulin not administered) Location: Georgetown, Kentucky, USA Disability: Diabetes, COPD, anxiety disorder Perpetrator: Grant County Detention Center Source: Inmate death brings lawsuit * (Died April 4, 2013, Age 7) Cause of death: Fatal abuse (Blunt force trauma to the stomach) Location: Newport News, Virginia, USA Disability: Spina bifida Perpetrator: Terri and Pamela Dennis (Adoptive parents) Source: Girl adopted by Terri and Pamela Dennis * (Died April 5, 2013, Age 58) Cause of death: Neglect (Malnutrition, untreated bedsores) Location: Florence, Pennsylvania, USA Disability: Unspecified Perpetrator: Harold W. (Boyfriend) Source: Police ID neglected woman who died (Died April 8, 2013, Age 37) Cause of death: Negligence (Inadequate supervision; died from overeating) Location: Hawke Bay, New Zealand Disability: Prader Willi syndrome Perpetrator: Idea Services staff Source: Overeating contributes to man’s death * (Died April 9, 2013, Age 46) Cause of death: Contract killing (Shooting) Location: Columbia, Missouri, USA Disability: 66% Burn scars from fire Perpetrator: James Thompson (Caretaker/Boyfriend); Casey Lewis (Hit man), Christopher Hurt (Accessory) Source: Shooter in murder-for-hire case sentenced to life in prison * (Died April 11, 2013, Age 4) Cause of death: Locked into their house and left alone; died in a fire Location: West Allis, Wisconsin, USA Disability: Autism, epilepsy Perpetrator: Belen Colon (Mother) Source: Adrian Colon * (Died April 11, 2013, Age 4) Cause of death: Locked into their house and left alone; died in a fire Location: West Allis, Wisconsin, USA Disability: Cerebral palsy Perpetrator: Belen Colon (Mother) Source: Adrian Colon !

Austell, Cornwall, England, UK Disability: Autism, anxiety Perpetrator: Geraldine Titterington (mother), James Titterington (father) Source: Long term failures to blame for death of constipated teen !

(Died February 13, 2013, Age 41) Cause of death: Death in restraint Location: Berkeley, California, USA Disability: Schizophrenia Perpetrator: Police Source: City of Berkeley Seeks Dismissal of Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Kayla Moore Case * (Died February 18, 2013, Age 12) Cause of death: Medical neglect Location: Cleveland, Ohio, USA Disability: Autism, ADHD Perpetrator: Randy D.

(Died April 23, 2013, Age 32) Cause of death: Tasered while covered in fuel Location: Plymouth, England, UK Disability: PTSD; suicidal crisis Perpetrator: Peter Hodgkinson (Police officer) Source: Police Taser blamed for fire death of Andrew Pimlott * (Died April 26, 2013, Age 2) Cause of death: Head slammed against a wall Location: Citrus County, Florida, USA Disability: Multiple congenital disabilities Perpetrator: Chelsea Huggett (Mother) Source: Chelsea HUGGETT (Died May 1, 2013, Age 70) Cause of death: Blunt force head trauma; beaten Location: Pineville, Louisiana, USA Disability: Schizophrenia, dementia Perpetrator: Frederick Harris (Staff at Alexandria VA Medical Center) Source: Accident or crime?

VA worker charged over death (Died May 1, 2013, Age 85) Cause of death: Manslaughter (Shoved to the ground; died of head injury) Location: Weatherly, Pennsylvania, USA Disability: Dementia Perpetrator: Carl Smith (Fellow nursing home resident) Source: Suspect in nursing home death incompetent for trial (Died May 4, 2013, Age 22) Cause of death: Unknown; died while in seclusion/restraint, possibly beaten or neglected Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Disability: Bipolar disorder, epilepsy Perpetrator: Staff at Alberta Hospital Source: Lisa Goltman dies of injuries (Died May 5, 2013, Age 85) Cause of death: Negligence; dropped from Hoyer lift, broken neck and fractured skull Location: Brighton, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Disability: Vascular dementia, mobility impaired, nonverbal Perpetrator: Vasey Brighton East care home staff Source: Four-year wait for answers over nursing home death (Died May 7, 2013, Age 52) Cause of death: Inadequately treated breathing problems Location: Lowestoft, Suffolk, England, UK Disability: Cerebral palsy, epilepsy, Developmental disability Perpetrator: Staff at Ipswitch Hospital Source: Tragic deaths spark call for care changes in Suffolk * (Died May 7, 2013, Age 15) Cause of death: Bacterial sepsis related to malnutrition Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada Disability: Juvenile diabetes Perpetrator: Emil and Rodica Radita (Parents) Source: Parents face homicide charges in death of son * (Died May 7, 2013, Age 67) Cause of death: Neglect (Left alone for days) Location: Bunnell, Florida, USA Disability: Dementia Perpetrator: Holly Norris (Niece) Source: Bunnell woman charged with manslaughter in uncle’s death !

Sudad Jawad Source: Mum speaks out as report reveals her son’s death could have been prevented * (Died January 27, 2013, Age 59) Cause of death: Murder (Poisoned) Location: Tampa, Florida, USA Disability: Quadriplegic Perpetrator: Timothy Neil Harrison (Boyfriend) Source: Seffner man accused of killing quadriplegic girlfriend with prescription drugs (Died January 28, 2013, Age 44) Cause of death: Murder (Asphyxiated; ex-boyfriend was angry that she could no longer have his child) Location: East Ashling, Sussex, England, UK Disability: Cervical cancer; recent hysterectomy Perpetrator: Phillip Brown (Ex-boyfriend) Source: Debbie Levey: cottage murder victim had been using internet dating site (Died January 30, 2013, Age 18) Cause of death: Suicide (After bank account was emptied by payday-loan company) Location: Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester, England, UK Disability: Mental illness Perpetrator: Wonga (Payday lender) Source: Mother’s heartache after her teenage son committed suicide on same day Wonga emptied his bank account…

in haunting echo of his father’s death 13 years earlier (Died January 31, 2013, Age 60) Cause of death: Neglect (Untreated bedsores) Location: Augusta, Georgia, USA Disability: Mental illness, diabetes, leg amputee, hemiparesis caused by strokes Perpetrator: Staff at Open Arms Personal Care Home Source: Disabled veteran’s death came after complaints about care (Died February 1, 2013, Age 53) Cause of death: Medical neglect (Denied treatment for alcohol withdrawal) Location: Tulia, Texas, USA Disability: Alcoholism; Injury from attempted suicide with shotgun–speech impediment, blind in one eye, breathing difficulty, feeding tube Perpetrator: Swisher County Jail Source: BORUM V.

SWISHER CNTY (Died February 1, 2013, Age 14) Cause of death: Suffocation during restraint Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA Disability: Autism Perpetrator: Rose Rock Treatment Facility Source: Joseph Winters (Died February 2, 2013, Age 56) Cause of death: Medical malpractice (Long-term narcotics overdose) Location: Meriden, Connecticut, USA Disability: Diabetes; back pain; orthopedic pain Perpetrator: Heather Alfonso (Nurse practitioner) Source: Meriden Family Sues Nurse For “Potentially Deadly” Prescribing (Died February 7, 2013, Age 69) Cause of death: Murder (Stabbed) Location: San Jose, California, USA Disability: Mentally disabled Perpetrator: Regina Butler (Had stayed with Jacobson previously) Source: Henry Lee’s Rap Sheet for Dec.

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