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As early as 1500 BC, around the time of the exodus by the Israelites to Canaan, we also find a migration of Semitic people to the islands of the west.

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Philip”In the Latin Vulgate of the Gospel of Mark [] and Luke [], we find that the term “Decurio” is used to describe Joseph’s office.

In Saint Jerome’s translation of the Vulgate, the term “Nobilis Decurio” is used.

Then the manuscript states that Joseph was known as the “Nobilis Decurio”.

A Decurio of Rome was an officer in the Roman army, who would have also held the position of minister, responsible for overseeing commerce and supplies for the vast empire of Rome.

In it the first neophytes of Catholic Law, God beforehand acquainting them, found a Church constructed by no human art, but by the Hands of Christ Himself, for the salvation of His people.

The Almighty has made it manifest by many miracles and mysterious visitations that He continues to watch over it as sacred to Himself, and to Mary, the Mother of God” ]The early historians are unclear regarding which ecclesia, the one built by Jesus or the later one built by Joseph of Arimathæa, who came to Britain no later than 36AD, with the twelve disciples following some time later.

Indeed, Joseph has a rich history, detailed in numerous academic and historic literature.

Joseph first makes his appearance in Sacred Scripture:“When it was evening, there came a rich man from Arimathea named Joseph, who was himself a disciple of Jesus.

Joseph managed the lead and tin mining, which would have extended to the regions in southern and western Britain, which included extraction, production and shipping of these metals to the vast storehouses of the military and businesses of the empire.

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