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Distant from Europe, the new state was cut off from Constantinople which in 1453 had fallen to the Muslim Ottoman Turks.The Russian Orthodox Church, isolated from the rest of Christianity, developed independently as a national church.

The oceans, moreover, have been bridges to America for cultures and ideas.

The new has been welcomed in America; the old has been revered in Russia.

Kievan Rus had converted to Orthodox Christianity in 988.

When Moscow liberated itself from the Tartar yoke in 1480, the modern Russian state was born.

Communal spirit and togetherness distinguishes Russians from Westerners.

Individualism and competitiveness are more common in the West; they are esteemed characteristics.

Thus, to remote Russia, many things "Western" have come late - manufacturing, higher education, science, etc.

Living for centuries in a very harsh climate explains the Russians' strength, their ability to endure extreme hardship, and their bleak outlook on life. Climate has also contributed to a cautiousness they exhibit.

Brainerd Public Schools has six elementary schools, one middle school, one high school, and three alternative programming sites.

In 2014, all six of our elementary schools were awarded the National Blue Ribbon Award.

The Renaissance happened in the West, with its revival of classical influence and the flowering of the arts, development of modern agriculture and commerce, the scientific revolution, economic liberalism and recognition of individual rights, the beginnings of political liberty, and the growth of a strong middle class.

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