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The rise of Monte Albán around 100 CE eventually finalized this process into a single hierarchy.

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With the baby boom generation moving into its senior years, more and more travel companies and businesses have adapted their services and facilities to the needs of older travelers. can be more spontaneous than abroad, because there's no need to check passport expiry dates, secure visas or get foreign currency. Seniors have traditionally favored packaged tours, cruises and bus trips, thanks to the ease of moving between a variety of sites. Start in New Orleans; experience the blues and barbecue in Memphis, and stop in many downtown locations that make it easy to explore ports without having to even take a taxi. Louis, for instance, riverboats moor just a 10-minute walk from the St. If you want to give Wisconsin a try, Elkhart Lake, about an hour from Milwaukee, has a 1960s “Dirty Dancing” feel at its lakeside resorts.

Seniors have an abundance of vacation options throughout the United States. Enjoy fishing, golf and the cars of yesteryear at the vintage races at Road America.

Special Needs at Sea and Scootaround, for example, rent scooters and wheelchairs to travelers.

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An example is Branson, Missouri, which has live shows featuring music from the 1950s and '60s, several museums including the Veterans Memorial Museum, and businesses that happily accommodate large groups traveling together by bus.

The Osthoff Resort runs cooking classes and has a variety of spa services.

Purchase passes online, through the mail and at many federal recreation sites. Increasingly, cruise lines and hotels are better able to accommodate people with disabilities, regardless of age.

There is no longer a need to seek out travel companies that specifically cater to seniors.

Writing for a variety of Canadian and international publications, she likes to encourage travel that is culturally, economically, and environmentally sustainable.

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