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On Ben Wyvis I made some important decisions for my life and I felt free since a long time.

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I am blind since 1990, and two years later I made my third visit to the Highlands of Scotland, but now of course without the sight in my eyes.

That trip was the beginning of rediscovering my life.

But according to him i was mistaken, as its supposed to be a club or society or whatever relating to William Wallace hence i suppose the Sons of William name.

I am by no means an authority on Scottish history but have read a lot of books on our rich history.

This remark was about an organisation that is supposed to go under the name (Sons of William) who are supposed to have some connection with Bathgate of all places.

I thought immediately that he was on about some kind of connection to the Orange Order.

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Dear Madam, Sir, My name is Fred and I live in the Netherlands.

In 2002 I made my last trip and visited important battlefields. Because Scotland and my freedom are so dear to me I have decided to have a tattoo put on my arm.

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