Educated black men dating white women

There is an increase in marriage rates with higher levels of education.

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Educated black men dating white women

They're much more likely to get married then than black women—almost twice as likely. Well, I sort of just came across it, and I don't really have a great explanation.

But a lot more black women than demographer's assumed get married at older ages. But, it does seem that it could be related to what I was saying earlier about the sort of the numbers problem.

They're [Black women] much more likely to be single parents. I used a demographic technique called a life table. What I ended up finding is a gap of only about 7% between black and white women.

In the end, I've had about 78% of black women eventually marrying compared to 85% of white women. The difference turns out to be that a lot more black women marry at older ages than white women.

One is that Black women have just about the lowest rate of inter-marriage.

We're really looking at the black male population when we're looking at the marriage pool.

I hesitate to translate, or try to translate, the research, but in general terms, yes.

The numbers are problematic for a couple of reasons.

FH: But, ultimately, you found that the disparity in marriage rate between black and white women is probably lower than we assumed? That was really interesting given what I just got done saying.

We know that the marriage rates among younger people, people in their 20s and 30s are quite a bit lower for black women than white women.

Normally the way it works, just in terms of the math is, the smaller the minority group, the more likely they are to marry outside their group. You do see, for example, black women who live in cities with smaller black populations are more likely to marry whites.

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