Dating tips for shy teenage girls

Always have a go-to topic to resort to when you can’t think of what to say.Preventing awkward pauses will help you to avoid looking insecure and incapable of socializing. Surround Yourself in a Familiar Environment If you have trouble opening up in an unfamiliar environment, then find some place where you are able to be yourself.

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Try to monitor your body language and keep it open and friendly, as suggested in the Social Issues Research Centre's "Guide to Flirting." Relax your arms, sit facing your date and maintain good eye contact.

Shyness on a first date can sometimes be misinterpreted as a lack of attraction or interest, warns behavioral scientist Christie Hartman on her website, in an article entitled, "Online Dating: Can Shyness on a First Date Scare Men Away?

Your reserved demeanor may actually come off as mysterious and sexy.

While you don’t want to keep him completely in the dark, keeping him guessing just enough will lure him in. Show Him You’re Interested Although Hitch was a fictional character, he was a dating guru nonetheless.

Give Off the Right Signals When you’re out with the girls and trying to attract a male suitor, make yourself approachable.

This means altering your body language to give off the right vibe.

Hitch believed that the man should do 90 percent of the work and leave the remaining 10 percent to the woman.

Being shy doesn’t exempt you from this rule, so make sure you are contributing to the final 100. Be Honest Honesty is the best policy after all, so there is no need to pretend to be something you’re not.

Prepare for questions that he will probably ask, such as your favorite music, movies or television shows, suggests psychologist Diane Kirschner, on her Love in 90 Days website.

Ask him open-ended questions to keep the conversation going such as "How do you like this semester so far? "Move your focus away from yourself and toward your date to reduce shyness, advises Kirschner.

Not all women are born social butterflies with the guts to walk up to a man and start a conversation.

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