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"[The best thing is] sharing a brain; we always seem to be thinking the same thing.

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M freeadultchat - Dating your high school sweetheart college

whose roots go all the way back to their school days, there's something unique to the connection, something deeply rooted that few outsiders can understand.

People who've been with their significant others for so long face , as well as plenty of skepticism.

We know how to make each other laugh and share many common interests including music, travel and food.""Have I considered other men attractive? There's a difference between imagining scenarios and making them happen.

I've never felt the need to be with anyone else because I always think about the relationship that we have. Would he be able to make me laugh the way my guy can?

At a certain point, we were forced to replace expectations with mutual trust and support, and that's when I started to truly understand what people mean when they call someone their 'rock.'""The best part of being with someone you've known so long is not being afraid to be yourself, your real self.

After so long, there's nothing to hide, no secrets, no self-consciousness, no fear and no worries. Many good relationships don't get enough of a chance because people don't know how to communicate with their significant other.

It can be hard to find the time to squeeze in a text or a phone call, especially when you could be hanging out with new friends or attending your school's big game. If so, you might work out in college -- but if not, one of you will get frustrated with the increased silence sooner or later. If your relationship will be long distance, is that feasible?

Long-distance relationships aren't impossible, but they aren't exactly fun, either. You're going to college, but he's joining the military, or you're going to college, but she can't afford to.

If you ever doubt you'll both stay fully faithful to each other in college, you might want to save yourself the heartbreak and bring your relationship to a close. But if you depend on just your high school boyfriend or girlfriend, will you be motivated to put yourself out there to meet new people? If your relationship is almost exclusively based around hooking up, there won't be much to keep it from fizzling out once you're apart. College parties are famous for having lots of attractive, scantily-clad, intoxicated coeds in one room. Maybe your girlfriend got into her dream school, but you were rejected, or you're upset that you and your boyfriend aren't applying to any of the same schools.

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