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OK, OK, with all those potential dates lined up, what's a newly out TV comedian to wear? Costume designer Breakstone describes the star's look as "unadorned, untailored but still hip." Ellen favors J.

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They just happen to be at an airport, and her words are accidentally carried over the PA system.

On top of that, Ellen's crush will go unrequited; the object of her affection already has a girlfriend.

All the other shows have really good-looking heterosexuals who look far better than the general population, so why not have some pretty lesbians?

" Ellen's type, she thinks, might be small and feminine, like Winona Ryder.

I hope that Ellen will be able to get away with some good-natured ribbing of her own community." Jarvis has a vision of Bea Arthur as an older lesbian character from whom Ellen Morgan seeks comic wisdom.

San Francisco comic Marilyn Pittman wants to see the producers bring in some good-looking girlfriends. "Let's face it, seeing really pretty lesbians would be fun.De Generes "made it clear" that she didn't want do the coming-out show during sweeps, "but the network had other ideas," says Driscoll.The special hourlong episode, which may be split into two half-hours by ABC, was filmed in two parts on March 7 and 14. (After the March 14 taping, according to "Ellen" costume designer Bambi Breakstone, Winfrey gave De Generes a cake with Ellen's face on it.We asked some people to play yenta and find a match for Ellen.Professional matchmaker Maura Rothman, owner of Quality Partners, a gay and lesbian dating service with several Bay Area branches, would link Ellen with someone from another culture, she says.A willowy lesbian, played by Laura Dern (looking feminine in a little sun dress), walks into Ellen Morgan's life on ABC's "Ellen" next month. Straight or gay, finding love is risky, as Ellen discovers when she comes out on Wednesday, April 30, the first day of May sweeps.

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