Ashley tidale dating

Gone was the red hair, replaced by dark brown locks pulled into a chic updo.

The skin finish has a much lighter touch as well, and isn't calling attention to her pores.

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My Space is streaming two tracks from "Guilty Pleasure," and Grant expects the site to feature the entire album before release date.

In the realm of retail, Grant says Target and Wal-Mart will sell exclusive editions of the album with bonus material, while a direct-to-consumer version will feature six posters and two extra songs. You put your heart and soul into something and it makes you a little bit vulnerable.

Unfortunately, the shimmer is emphasizing her pores and skin texture. And this was Ashley's most surprising hair colour experiment.

Over the years, she's tried light blonde, dark brown, and everything in between, so why not red?

Once "Guilty Pleasure" is out, Tisdale says she hopes to tour the United States and Europe (where the set was released earlier this month).

According to the Mayo Clinic, 70 to 80 percent of people have a deviated septum, meaning one nasal passage is smaller than the other.

"She's very protective of it in terms of it sounding authentic," according to Warner Bros. "There have been a couple of times where we've said to her, 'Hey, why don't you mention so-and-so?

' and she's told us, 'I wouldn't say that.'" (What would she say? Goin to dinner with my family and the most amazing dad ever! ") Facebook and My Space also figure into Warner's new-media campaign, the latter particularly as an "important streaming partner," Welt says.

But the new songs I was working on felt edgier, sort of back to how I was before 'High School Musical.' I wanted to show people a side of me they haven't seen before." Tisdale accomplishes that -- well, sort of -- on "Guilty Pleasure," due July 28 from Warner Bros.

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