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All three study rooms are available by appointment.Furniture Study Study Room for Prints, Drawings, and Photographs Study Room for Numismatics Researchers can interact with our collections through many online resources.Where a covered entity conducts the research study, the Authorization must list ALL names or other identification, or ALL classes, of persons who will have access through the covered entity to the protected health information (PHI) for the research study (e.g., research collaborators, sponsors, and others who will have access to data that includes PHI).

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In contrast, an informed consent document is an individual's agreement to participate in the research study and includes a description of the study, anticipated risks and/or benefits, and how the confidentiality of records will be protected, among other things.

An Authorization can be combined with an informed consent document or other permission to participate in research.

However, a covered entity may continue to use and disclose PHI that was obtained before the individual revoked Authorization to the extent that the entity has taken action in reliance on the Authorization.

In cases where the research is conducted by the covered entity, this would permit the covered entity to continue using or disclosing the PHI as necessary to maintain the integrity of the research, as, for example, to account for a subject's withdrawal from the research study, to conduct investigations of scientific misconduct, or to report adverse events.

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Overview A Privacy Rule Authorization is an individual's signed permission to allow a covered entity to use or disclose the individual's protected health information (PHI) that is described in the Authorization for the purpose(s) and to the recipient(s) stated in the Authorization.

An Authorization form may also, but is not required to, include additional, optional elements so long as they are not inconsistent with the required elements and statements and are not otherwise contrary to the Authorization requirements of the Privacy Rule.

An Authorization, whether prepared by a covered entity or by a person requesting PHI from a covered entity, must include the following core elements and required statements: Authorization Core Elements (see Privacy Rule, A research subject may revoke his/her Authorization at any time.

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