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Belle insisted that her personal life was none of Lani's business, but Lani disagreed, reasoning that the police department needed a forensics expert who was at the top of his game and wasn't being bogged down with drama from a soon-to-be ex.

Lani confirmed that, in her line of work, she sometimes needed to be both.

Lani advised Belle to figure out what was really important to her -- and stop making Shawn worry about when the next shoe was going to drop. "If you see him, you tell him he's no longer my priority.

John apologized for inadvertently dragging Eduardo back into the life he had tried to leave behind years earlier.

Eduardo admitted that he was actually glad to know he had someone he could turn to for help when needed. Later, at Belle's request, John met with Philip and explained that he had figured out that Seth Malcolm had, at one point, received a series of phone calls from Greece.

Theresa predicted that Nicole would eventually find her own perfect fit -- someone she would grow to love just as much as she had loved Daniel. Brady soon returned and announced that his checkup had gone well.

Theresa was thrilled to hear that, and as she leaned in to give Brady a kiss, Nicole found herself thinking about Daniel doing the same to her.

Theresa seized the opportunity to have a heart-to-heart talk with Nicole, hoping to get her out of the funk she had been in lately. Fynn guessed that Brady was talking about Summer, a girl Daniel had taken under his wing while living in Malibu. She had some psychological issues -- on meds, as I recall," Fynn explained.

"I mean, honest to God, Nicole, you act like if you raise your voice around Brady, he's gonna break. Nicole tearfully admitted that Valentine's Day had been rough, not just because she and Daniel had planned to get married that day but also because he had arranged, before his death, for a bouquet of flowers to be sent to her, along with a touching note. Fynn was unable to remember Summer's last name, and he didn't know if she was still living in California.

Concerned, Brady wondered if Theresa was pushing Nicole to get back in the dating game right away. It's dangerous for people like her to not have love and support, you know? As Brady eyed his closed laptop, Theresa wrapped her arms around him and gave him a kiss, stressing that she was never going to let go of him.

At the police station, Belle ran into Philip, who was upset because he had just tried to get someone in the district attorney's office to help him dig up information on Deimos, and the request had been denied because Philip had been unable to provide evidence that Deimos had committed a crime.

Lani pointed out that Shawn and Belle's relationship woes weren't exactly a big secret -- especially to her, since she had witnessed one of their recent arguments firsthand. He needs to know if things will work out or not," Lani added.

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