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I actually wear Chantelle bras in my everyday, nonathletic life, so I was excited to give their high-impact sports bra a whirl.I got to try it in two colors — purple and black — and I tested each of them out at AKT in Manhattan.I realized it was definitely sufficient (and lovely) enough for barre or yoga, but not for going on a jog.

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) I tried it during a pretty-slow-moving yoga class, and it held my boobs in place well enough while also being light (which is good, as I was quite sweaty).

Of course, this bra would not work on a run at all — my boobs would be bouncing all over the place.

I had never been able to wear any sort of crisscross bra before, so I was excited to give that a whirl. I took it out for a jog, and my boobs didn’t feel like balls of heavy jello slapping against my skin.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out how to adjust the straps on my own, and needed my roommate’s help to get them done up in that way, so I ended up sticking with the ol’-fashion up-and-down regular straps during my workout. Instead, they stayed relatively in place, which was a welcomed change for me. (I guess low-impact bras tend to be more fashionable?

Working out has always been a major pain for me — and not because I’m incredibly out of shape (although, to be honest, I kind of am at the moment).

It’s because I’ve never been able to find a sports bra that actually fits me properly, except for few thatwork, but also look completely ugly.You see, I’m one of those women with a difficult bra size: I’m a 32F, which means I’m generally petite, but my cups definitely runneth over.So I need something that’s narrow, but can actually tether my boobs to my body.Here, my top eight sports-bra picks for women with big boobs.I had never actually heard of Enell before I got my hands on this sports bra, so when I opened up the package and saw the ten (yes, ten!It’s a cardio class that involves a ton of jumping and dancing, which I figured was the perfect test to see if a sports bra could actually contain my boobs. With every jump and twirl, my breasts stayed firmly tethered to my body.

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